Vous pouvez discuter, échanger, publier entre vous sur le projet Erasmus !

You can chat, share and publish anything you want related to the Erasmus + project with the others !

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    Paul, Fekete (mercredi, 06 décembre 2017 10:40)

    Merci Fanny!

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    Refi Students (mercredi, 17 janvier 2018 10:29)


    we have watched your video,
    And we have some questions or comments on your studies and experience.

    We would be grateful if you could answer us ! (either replying on this forum or on the following google doc :

    Thanks a lot, we look forward to hearing from you,
    Best wishes,
    Refi students (from Hungary)

    Questions on the video made by the French group:
    1) Why did you choose this school project?
    2) Isn’t it tiring?
    3) Are you not afraid of accidents which could happen?
    4) How hard is it to use machines?
    5) Is it easier to work in smaller groups ?
    6) Is that your dream job?

    We were surprised that you had only 32 lessons on the contrary, we have 42 lessons!!!!!!!!:-((((
    The gate you have created is so amazing and beautiful and cute and nice and perfect. So congratulations!! <3